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16h00-19h00 Friday 1 February 2013
If you need a badge to enter the European Parliament in Brussels, please send an email to and tell that you are attending, then bring your passport or ID and come to the Accreditation Centre, see map and picture. Please be there at 15h30 since it takes a while to sign everybody in.Thanks!

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Dear friends,

On Friday, February 1st at 16h00 I am hosting an event we have called "FREE YOUR ANDROID". It is on short notice, but we're lucky to have the opportunity to benefit from the expertise that is coming to FOSDEM this weekend. More than 5000 hackers will gather at ULB and elsewhere in Brussels, and my fellow EPFSUG Patron Ms Andersdotter is giving a keynote. Erik Albers from the Free Software Foundation Europe is an expert on Free Software on Mobile Devices and he will give a report on the current status of the global effort to run mobile phones with free software alone.

Time: 16h00-19h00 Friday 1 February 2013 (download to your calendar)
Location: Room A5G375 (Altiero Spinelli building, elevator G, 5th floor, room A5G375)
If you don't have a badge please send a mail to, otherwise no registration necessary. Please note that registration is open and public.

If you have already liberated your phone, there will be an opportunity for you as well as for everyone interested to make professional recordings of testimonials running free software on mobile devices. For the technically inclined there will also be a discussion on how to liberate any device (Replicant, F-Droid and CyanogenMod experiences), like tablets, ebook readers and other gadgets.

You are all very welcome on 1 February!

Alexander Alvaro

Vice-President of the European Parliament & Patron of EPFSUG

Agenda for EPFSUG meeting 1 February 2013
16h00-19h00 in room A5G375

WELCOME Alexander Alvaro, Vice-President of the European Parliament

The European Parliament Free Software User Group is an open community of staff, assistants and Members of the European Parliament, and of supporters from the free software community. Its goals are to:

  • Assist people interested in using free software in the European Parliament
  • Drive adoption of free software in the European Parliament's information infrastructure
  • Push for use of open standards, to ensure equal access for citizens using free software
  • Work in cooperation with like-minded groups in Europe and around the world
What is FYA? And how can I do it?
Erik Albers
Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel that runs on most mobile devices that have been sold to this day. However, customers that buy an Android device today usually suffer from anti-features, loss of control and vendor lock-in, and are exposed to privacy risks. Since mobile devices - like smartphones - often serve as your most private computer, this is bad for your privacy as well as your freedom. That is why the Free Software Foundation Europe runs its "Free Your Android" campaign - to give back full control about your device and data to the only one who truly should be in possession of it: yourself! Erik Albers gives insights about the campaign, how you can get full control of your device and run it with Free Software solely.
Yet another boring technical note on the rules of the European Parliament.
Dimitrios Symeonidis
The Parliament's policies regarding equipment connected to the internal network is strict and enforced for good reasons. This was extensively explained at the last EPFSUG meeting. Nevertheless, the resources EP-EXT and EP-PRIV lets you connect also private equipment to the Parliament's wireless network. What are the EP's policies regarding such equipment, also known as BYODs (Bring Your Own Device)? Is a Free Android compatible with the rules of the Parliament? Dimitrios tries to find answers to these questions.
Hackerspaces in Belgium!
Cheryl D. Miller and C├ędric Lood
If you would like to try to free your Android among fellow hackers, there is no better space nor place for that than a Hackerspace! Hackerspaces are popping up all over the place - also in Brussels - and there is a good reason for that. Have you ever felt an urge to open up your latest gadget and try to figure out how it works rather then trying to read the manual (that you threw away anyway)? Have you ever felt like getting together with people who will be as excited as you are when you have figured it out? If so, you will feel right at home with us when we come together for exactly that purpose. We crave sharing knowledge and we desire to learn from each other. Cedric and Cheryl will tell you why they are excited about hackerspaces and why you should join one (or start one) in your neighbourhood.
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Can't wait to learn more about free software?
Friday, 1 February, 2013 - 16:00