Get started with Free Software

EPFSUG is aiming at showing how to start using free software within the European Parliament yourself. Of course you can install and use Free Software on your personal computer or laptop when you work from home for example, but we are also currently looking at applications which can be compatible with your working machine in the European Parliament.

Already you can ask your LSU to install on your computer several free and open source software, such as the Firefox browser or the LibreOffice productivity suite. Furthermore, with the European Parliament's migration to Windows 7, your PC will come with Firefox pre-installed and you will be able to access your email also over IMAP/SMTP.

There are specific solutions already available which were presented at the 19 April 2011 meeting:

  • tmail for mobile and laptop access to your EP mail (no longer working since the EP migrated to Exchange 2010)
  • gpg encryption (pretty good privacy to secure your email communications)
  • Drupal and CiviCRM

Finally, as of March 2014, the DebianParl project has been officially launched, a Debian pure blend optimized for use by parliamentary workers.

Please feel free to discuss the items above on the mailing list.