How to become a supporter or a member (or even Patron) of EPFSUG

EPFSUG's organisation hasn't been all formalised yet (as of April 2011) but we are committed to making our organisational structure reflect our ideas of freedom and openness, and as a first principle, we believe that membership and supportership should be public. We think that a public and published statement about why you want to be a supporter or member is a quite strong commitment to the ideas, goals and values which underpin the free software movement and will as such provide both the transparency and the trust necessary to pursue our mission in the European Parliament.

Here are the definitions:

  • Supporters of EPFSUG: A supporter of EPFSUG is anyone who does not have an email address.
  • Members of EPFSUG: Membership is open to anyone who is working in the European Parliament and who has an email address.
  • Patrons of EPFSUG: Of course, EPFSUG would not exist without its first Patron MEP Indrek Tarand who shares his patronship with MEPs Amelia Andersdotter, Alexander Alvaro, Nils Torvalds and Christel Schaldemose. More patron candidates are warmly welcome.

So how to go about it?

  1. The first step in joining is to mail your name along with a brief statement of your personal motives to the mailing list will immediately tell the world you have taken the first step to become a member or a supporter of EPFSUG since that mailinglist has a public archive and quite a number of subscribers.

    Please feel free to be inspired by previous statements. No fancy declarations needed (but of course appreciated!) - you're welcome to copy any of the statements.

    Then one of the admins will put your declaration on this page along with the other members and supporters.

  2. Step two. This step might seem completely unnecessary, but to make sure everybody knows that no mistake has been made in step two above, you have to confirm that you are satisfied with the text beside your name in the list at the end of this page and that you have received mail from either the members or supporters list. You confirm the completion of the process with another mail to

  3. Step three. This step is actually only for MEPs who are candidates for patronship of EPFSUG. Please contact Indrek and Amelia on how to prodeed.

Statements of patrons, members and supporters can be found here:

List of members or supporters and their statements