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[epfsug] FW: Free Software Workshop/Lunch 19 April

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  • Subject: [epfsug] FW: Free Software Workshop/Lunch 19 April
  • Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 14:59:10 +0100

Invitatation just sent out!
Congrats to us :-)
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  • Subject: Free Software Workshop/Lunch 19 April
  • Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 14:27:20 +0100

Dear friends,

My dear colleague Olle Schmidt and I hereby kindly invite members and supporters of the European Parliament Free Software User Group to a sandwich lunch and an exchange of ideas, experiences and aspirations.
Best regards,
Indrek Tarand

Location: Room A1E-3 European Parliament in Brussels
Time: 12h30 - 14h00 Tuesday 19 April 2011 (download to your agenda)
Lunch: A sandwich lunch will be provided for registered guests
Registration and questions: Please contact ">
Bring your laptop: For active participation!


by host MEP Olle Schmidt and EPFSUG Patron MEP Indrek Tarand


Drupal and contact databases (CiviCRM)
Marc Kaufmann and Xavier Dutoit
When sending targeted emails and newsletters, and when organising events and campaigns MEPs (and their assistants) often spend a lot of time finding phone numbers, getting the list of contacts interested in a specific topic and searching for documents. Marc and Xavier will present how the free tool CiviCRM can help and improve information and communication management.


Tmail and webmail
Jonatan Walck and Erik Josefsson
The web interface to the Parliament's mail services provides for using email on any platform via a server solution we call tmail. Jonatan and Erik will show how tmail works on both laptops and smartphones using free software.

Pretty good
free privacy

Pretty good free privacy
Joris Vanhove
Securing your email communications and spoof-proofing your identity is now easy and fun. Joris will tutor signing, verifying and encrypting mail in three easy steps.


  • Key signing
  • Install fest
Bring your laptop, " name=subscribelink>Subscribe to our mailing list
Can't wait to learn more about free software?


The European Parliament Free Software User Group wants to:
  • work together with everybody who believes in, promotes and holds dear citizens' freedom in the information society
  • work in close cooperation with like-minded groups in Europe and around the world
  • focus on technical work to assist people interested in using Free Software in the European Parliament
  • serve as a reference and resource for MEPs, staff, assistants and the institution as a whole
  • drive change in the European Parliament's information infrastructure in a consensus-oriented manner

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