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[epfsug] Request to become an EPFSUG supporter

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  • Subject: [epfsug] Request to become an EPFSUG supporter
  • Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2011 18:21:38 +0200

Hello list,

Europe is the way to go... so they say.
That is my firm belief too - so now is the time to make sure we do it
right. In France they talk about "fraternité, égalité et liberté" as the
pillars of their society. I can abide with these three legs to keep us

*Fraternité*: the first priority is not to gain personal profit, but to
grow as a whole. Solidarity should prevail. Also in informatics. I
believe it is better to invest money in people than to invest the same
amount of money in a pre-made applications (causing vendor-lock-in).

*Egalité*: I have the firm belief that equal chances should be available
to individuals and corporations. The best way to achieve this, is to
share knowledge. Not only in informatics, but on all fields of science.
I applaud organisations as PLOS who publish scientific articles of top
shelf level... I applaud organisations as FSFE and SFLC for keeping this
on the radar... I applaud organisations like Canonical and Red Hat, who
just do it the Open Source way, and while doing it, prove that it is
also a viable commercial plan.

*Liberté*: There are certain things that can not be owned: individuals,
the eco-system (the world), thoughts, creativity. All of these only get
better if they are cared for "fraternally". I believe that software
cultivated in an open mindset ultimately benefits from and benefits to
the whole of society.

As a volunteer of Ubuntu Belgium, as a decade old user of Joomla, as an
enthusiast of Inkscape an the GIMP, LibreOffice and the Mozilla
applications... I cannot do anything else than give back for all that
I'm getting. So for this reason, I want to make a stand in the EU that
Open Source is the only viable future if we want to prevent getting
bought by multinationals.

I commit to standing up on my level, and demonstrating an intense usage
of Free and Open Source Software. I'll show the way to end-users and
offer support where I can. I want to encourage politicians - of whatever
political alliance - to integrate the free and open spirit in their own

I believe in a Europe that can make us all greater ... if we're all
willing to put our shoulders under it.

Jurgen Gaeremyn
Free Software Enthusiast.

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