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[epfsug] lizard, crying wolf and camel?

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  • Subject: [epfsug] lizard, crying wolf and camel?
  • Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2011 15:02:04 +0200

Dear epfsugs,

Just saw on one of our pads that the animal farm is almost fully identified! Lizard, crying wolf and camel are still of unclear origin :-)

I think the wolf is Amarok?


Logo overview: left to right
dolphin: mysql (database server)
blowfish: openbsd (bsd operating system and distro)
footsteps: gnome (desktop environment)
happy dog: GIMP
gem stone: ruby (programming language)
arrow-shaped dude: java (programming language)
lizard: ?
shellfish: Nautilus (Gnome file manager)
P: Blender (cross platform suite of tools for 3D creation)
birds: openoffice (office suite)
fox: firefox  (web-browser)
penguin: linux (unix-like kernel)
daemon with pitchfork: freebsd (bsd operating system and distro)
gnu: gnu-toolset (basic and advanced tools, gcc, ...)
mountain with snow: inkscape (vector drawing program)
dragon: ? KDE (desktop environment)
dinosaur: mozilla (web application suite)
elephant: postgresql (database server)
snake: python (programming language)
evil droplet: drupal (web CMS)
camel: caml (programming language) ?
bird with mail: icedove/thunderbird
wolf crying (behind the camel): ?
traffic cone: VLC (media player)

Erik Josefsson
Advisor on Internet Policies
Greens/EFA Group
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