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Re: RE: [EPFSUG] FW: Invitation: "FREE YOUR ANDROID" with Erik Albers FRIDAY 1st FEBRUARY @ 16h00

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  • Subject: Re: RE: [EPFSUG] FW: Invitation: "FREE YOUR ANDROID" with Erik Albers FRIDAY 1st FEBRUARY @ 16h00
  • Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 13:49:02 +0100

On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 11:37:40AM +0100, SABELL-NIELSEN Paulina wrote:
> Sad.. as I like Iphone, Ipad etc...

well that is exactly the marketing strategy of apple, emotions, rounded
corners, social pressure. which is a brilliant strategy to make profit.

> but I suppose the next phone I buy is not going to be an Apple!

it shouldn't be. like it has become a aspect when buying products to check how
environmentally friendly the products we buy are, we should also be conscious
about the respect we receive from our suppliers. apple did not fix itunes bugs
for multiple years, that were known to be used by law-enforcement agencies to
install trojan and observe suspects, quite unlawfully. apple locks down all
their hardware, using special pentalobe screws, glueing firmly so customers
cannot exchange parts (batteries for example?) buying up essential free
software out of fear that the license on it might be changed to even freeer
licensing, and then throwing out linux specific parts. etc. so people need to
be distracted by rounded corners and special effects.

apple is about as much the antithesis to free software as microsoft.

albeit about facebook and co, this essay is also highly relevant to iphones i

> I dislike Samsung, so another option it will be :-)

i've been told the best choice currently is a nexus, as this is the one
android that gets regularly and quickly updated by google, the other products
usually lag behind by half a year. so from a security point of view that is
the best solution. from a "free your android" aspect of course, this does not
matter so much.

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